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Bali Safari for Indonesian ID/KITAS Holder

Bali Safari, Jalan Professor Doktor Ida Bagus Mantra, Serongga, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia


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Rumah bagi lebih dari seribu hewan yang menakjubkan - Bali Safari Park adalah tujuan Anda untuk pengalaman yang penuh petualangan, menyenangkan, dan mendidik. Taman kami adalah rumah bagi hewan yang mewakili lebih dari 100 spesies, termasuk spesies langka & terancam punah - Komodo Dragon, Orangutan dan Burung Jalak Bali. Bali Safari Park berada di garis depan konservasi satwa liar di Indonesia. Kami secara aktif terlibat dalam memastikan kelangsungan hidup dan kesejahteraan banyak spesies hewan Indonesia di masa depan.
What to Expect
Bali Safari Features - Animals Meet the Tigers of Bali Safari!: Tigers are as majestic as they appear. Because the tiger is the largest member of the "big cat" species, as it can weigh up to 350kg. Meanwhile, there are 6 subspecies of tigers in the world - Malayan tiger, South China Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Bengal Tiger, and Siberian Tiger. They usually hunt for food in the late afternoons or at night for larger prey like wild pigs, deer, and, at times, monkeys and even frogs. Tigers need to feed on up to 27 kilograms of meat in one night, but more often they consume up to 6 kilograms of meat during a meal. Meet the tigers of Bali Safari! Meet the largest land mammals; Elephant at Bali Safari!: Bali Safari Park homes Sumatran elephants and has made conservation efforts to keep these clever creatures around for a long time. Elephants are known to be the largest land mammals and live in large groups, which are led by the most experienced female in the group. Females are usually able to give birth at the age of 10 years to a single calf after a 22 month pregnancy period. They need roughly 200kg of food daily, including grass, bamboo, nuts, and fruit. They drink about 150 liters of water per day. Meet the big cats!: Lions are the second largest cats in the world after the tiger and can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa (West African Lion) and in western India (Asiatic Lion). They live in grasslands and savannahs. Males are larger than females with a weigh up to 250 kg. In addition, male lions have mane, which is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the species. Both sexes have hairy tufts at the end of their tails. They can eat up to 8 kg of meat. Meet the river horse!: The third largest mammals on land are the hippopotamus. These animals can weigh up to 2000 kg. The common hippopotamus lives near rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps. During the day, they remain cool by staying in the water or mud; reproduction and childbirth both occur in water. They come out at dusk to graze on grasses. Meet the skin of steel!: The word rhinoceros is derived through Latin from the Ancient Greek, which is composed of rhino, "nose" and keras, "horn". There are five living species of Rhinoceros. The two African species, the white rhinoceros, and the black rhinoceros. So much more animals! Browse to see all the animals that we have given a loving home to here in the Bali Safari Park. Our Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia. We are actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species. Get up close and personal with our animals at Bali Safari for a fun, adventurous, and educational Safari Journey! You can watch them roaming freely in their natural designed habitat while you are hopping on our special Bus for a Safari Journey! This bus literally transports you right to their natural habitats where you can spot deers, African hippos, and wildebeests roaming freely. Our park is designed so you can watch them closely, you will get to interact and play with the gang of meerkats, get to experience feeding the giraffe with your hands, and many more!
Things to Note
  • Dresscode: Also, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet!
  • Dresscode: Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, including an outer layer to keep you warm just in case it gets cold.
  • Operation Hours: Please kindly visit Bali Safari Park official website for any updates of operation hours.
  • Restrictions: For safety, always follow the written & spoken rules of Night Safari! Do not touch animals & always stay in your group during the walking safari.
  • Dresscode: Despite being a tropical island, Bali Safari Park is located near the eastern beaches of Bali, and therefore has occasional light winds.
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.
  • Dresscode: Night Safari takes is a tour through safari enclosure at night. It’s a good idea to apply mosquito repellant to make the experience more enjoyable.


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